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  • National Security
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  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety

As the challenges and risks facing our national security mount with increasing complexity, national security organizations are united and steadfast in their mission to keep America’s citizens safe.

From protecting the nation against terrorist threats, enforcing the law and preventing crime to responding to natural disasters and creating the stability needed for peace and progress, the duties of Homeland Security agencies and offices are varied and vital in their focus. And more than ever, today’s environment means achieving the missions of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of State (State), and Department of Justice (DOJ) with fewer resources and an increased vigor.

With experts and experience across the national security enterprise, DSPEC’s professionals can help ensure mission success. We provide mission-focused support through strategy and management consulting; technology solutions, infrastructure, application development and cloud services; and administrative systems support in areas such as public safety and law enforcement, border and transportation security, emergency management and response, and intelligence and operations.

Delivering federal solutions and services to help agencies improve the nation’s economic and social well-being

From delivering the mail and providing student financial aid to collecting revenue and strengthening agriculture, the work of US federal civilian agencies makes a vital difference in people’s lives. These agencies provide essential services to many—both citizens and businesses—and contribute directly to our flourishing nation.

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  • Human Resources and Training
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  • Infrastructure Engineering
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