Dr. M. L. Dadoo

Chief Financial Officer

Dr.M.L.DadooAs Managing Principal & CFO of DIGITALSPEC, LLC. Dr. Dadoo brings 40+ years of experience in the areas of marketing, business development, finance, contract negotiation, and mergers & acquisitions. He has played several roles including as Strategic Planning, Conceptualizing & Formulating detailed business models conducting viability studies of new business growth opportunities, Fund Raising – Debt/Equity, designing financial processes, Budgeting, Financial Planning, Treasury & Cash Management, Direct & Indirect’s, Risk Management and driving the Executive Review process including deployment of a Balanced Scorecard methodology. He is a former senior executive with leading global firms such as XEROX, Olivetti, Continental Tires, and SPICE Mobile.

Dr. Dadoo holds a MBA in Finance and Bachelors & Masters in English Literature.

Email : mld@digitalspec.net