Independent Verification And Validation (IV&V)

Our services that we perform for our clients include:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Milestone Reviews
  • Test Planning, Execution and Reporting
  • Metrics
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Management
  • Software Design Analysis
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Defect Investigation
  • Independent Assessments
  • Code Analysis
  • Training Evaluation
  • Test Witnessing
  • Document Inspection
  • Deployment Readiness

Based upon experience, best practices, industry standards, and lessons learned from engagements, DSPEC has established IV&V Methodology to establish documented evidence that the system does what it has been designed to do and will continue to operate correctly in the future. Our IV&V methodology is in compliance with industry standards:

  • ANSI/IEEE 1008-1987 Software Unit Testing
  • ISO 10006—Quality management
  • CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems
  • ISO/IEC 27000:2005 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • ISO/IEC 12207:2008 Systems and software engineering